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Emu Oil Benefits For People and Pets

Emu oil comes from the fat of a large ostrich like birds, called emus. These shy and inquisitive animals are most common in Australia, found in forest and woodland areas, instead of highly populated areas. They are cautious when approaching civilization, but will approach small groups of people, in the wild, when prompted by food. Emus stand about six feet tall, weigh up to about one hundred twenty pounds, are capable of running up to 30 m.p.h., (especially when alarmed or threatened), and can swim.Emu oil is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic, all-natural substance. It is used in a variety of ways. It is used in commercial and homemade beauty products for skin, hair and nails. It is used in pain relieving products. It can be found in pet care products, as well. What are the benefits?

EMU OIL BENEFITS: Skin CareContains Oleric acid (a skin regenerator & anti-wrinkle agent)Reduces depth, length, fine lines and wrinklesDiminishes age spotsAssist in repairing scars and stretch marksHas anti-aging properties with powerful antioxidants benefitsHas anti-septic properties; Inhibits bacteria, fights pimples, doesn’t clog pores; provides acne reliefSkin softening and moisturizing propertiesReduces dry skin, dry itchy skin, dry flaky skinAlleviates discomfort of eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash and shinglesGentle for all skin typesContains benefits of vitamins E and AShown to reverse hair lossThere is a difference between using commercial skin care products and natural homemade skin care products. Natural, homemade, skin care products contain mild and gentle natural ingredients, unlike chemically manufactured ingredients found in modern-day, commercial, products. Often commercial skin care products contain, harsh, skin-irritating, chemicals that contribute to poor skin conditions such as: dry itchy skin, dry flaky skin, inflammation, swelling, redness, rashes, acne and more. Harsh chemicals should be avoided, especially, for those with sensitive skin. Emu oil penetrates taking nutrients deep into the tissues of the skin. It prevents an oily, greasy, feeling that is left by some commercial or, even, homemade lotions. It’s beneficial for people and pets!EMU OIL BENEFITS: Pet CareRelieves arthritic, joint and muscle pain

Improves dull coat; providing soft, healthy, shiny coatImproves skin irritationsTreats ringworm, fleas and ticksUsed to reduce build-up of scar tissueEMU OIL BENEFITS: Pain-RelievingAnti-inflammatoryRelieves strains, sprains and muscle painAccelerates healing of minor wounds with less scarringReduces pain and infection of insect bites and stingsLessens pain of burns and sunburnsReduces pain of chronic arthritisEmu oil is used in sports medicine for relieving the pain of strains, sprains and muscle soreness. This natural oil is able to penetrate the layers of skin, providing numerous, soothing, pain-relieving, benefits. Emu oil provides a variety of benefits for people and pets!